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Dr. Christian Gatzka is specialized in the treatment of hip joint diseases in adolescents and adults after many years of thorough orthopedic and trauma surgery training. As one of the few hip surgeons in Germany, he has many years of experience in both joint-preserving and joint-replacing therapies.

For him the first goal of treatment is to identify the cause of illness or pain as precisely as possible. The diagnosis is based on a detailed survey and clinical examination, which is specially offered in a hip consultation. Together with the patient it is carefully considered whether conservative or surgical measures are necessary to ensure successful treatment.

When surgery is necessary, Dr. Gatzka will use minimally invasive ("soft tissue") techniques. This applies to both -joint-preserving measures of the hip joint (e.g. the technique of hip arthroscopy) and to joint replacement (e.g. the technique of direct front access to the hip joint - so-called DAA - Direct Anterior Approach).

Dr. Gatzka is a regular organizer and instructor at national and international congresses.

Main areas of work in the field of hip surgery:

Dr. Christian Gatzka

Dr. med. Christian Gatzka

Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery
special orthopedic surgery / special trauma surgery

Hip Surgeon

Hamburg / Germany / Europe

E-mail: kontakt@dr-gatzka.de

  • Board member DHG (German Hip Society)
  • Member of Hip Committee AGA (Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery)
  • Member of EHS (European Hip Society)